Picture of Audaye smiling and looking directly at the camera in a therapy chair. Photo enhanced with sepia toning.

counselling and psychotherapy

The therapy I offer is nurturing, spacious, connected, and we tune into what is truly present for you and your circumstance. I work at depth and with you at your pace.  

I can offer consultations, online, in the consulting room, and outdoors with the other than human natural world. Our work together can be a blended mix of those ways of working or exclusively one, what contains the therapy is the relationship we build. 

Beginning your journey

Entering into counselling or psychotherapy anew or as a repetition is a momentous investment in yourself; it’s a great decision to take to begin the process of valuing yourself and the relationships in your life that support and nourish you. I hope that I may assist you now as you navigate your arrival to this threshold.

Presenting issues

I work with people of all backgrounds both arriving into and continuing the unique activity of therapy. Often the reasons given to me for arriving to therapy are about, anxiety, depression, sadness, self confidence, life changing illnesses, self identity, early childhood, past or present relationships, bereavements, traumatic experiences, and mental health diagnosis. How these issues and difficult feelings manifest in people’s lives are usually unique and numerous, and they may be identified as problems or difficulties with,

  • personal identity, a sense of self or questions of ‘who I really am’
  • the ‘state of the world’, particularly climate and ecological anxieties;
  • food, alcohol, or other substances;
  • work, or daily activity;
  • marriages or partner relationships;
  • children and parenting;
  • family breakdown or worry about that;
  • parenting or co-parenting in separated families;
  • finances;

And many other ways of identifying the problems, difficulties and pains that sometimes come with living.


These sessions are in Exeter city centre at The Practice Rooms, 15-16 Castle Street. Exeter.
Sessions usually occur Tuesday – Thursday Please ask about times these when you make contact.

Online or telephone
These sessions are usually either on the phone or using Zoom or the Psychology Today platform.
– Contact me for availability as working this way is flexible and opens up evenings and weekends.

These are outdoor sessions that involve walking over and experiencing different terrains. Talking and being with the other than human world offers a different therapeutic encounter to a more traditional setting. These sessions are by arrangement, and can be very useful for those who may feel that full body movement is beneficial.

Blended model
The blended model I offer refers to the ways in which we meet. The contact time is the same each week and the pattern is regular; some weeks are online or on the phone, and others are in person.

Enfield & Camden,
Periodic single sessions, and workshops, usually Friday afternoon or evening.

Next steps

To begin, first make contact.